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  1. Maulmaran 1 year ago

    That old saying? All the good ones are taken? It's true. All the good ones ARE taken, at least after a certain age, I would say after 30.... I dated from 15 to 35, had two madly-in-love longish relationships (ended by 1) the man moving away and 2) the guy killed in an accident.) A handful of hopefuls (I liked them but they didn't like me so much), a handful of just-OK relationships that went on too long.... The majority were simply hopeless, or near hopeless; mean and abusive; druggies or drunks; boring as boring ever gets; mommy's babies; or divorced guys bitterly yearning for their cars/houses/beautiful bipolar ex-wives back. I would never in this lifetime ever ever date again, I would love to be a crazy cat lady and never deal with dating ever again. (P.S. I talk about men because that's who I dated, I am well aware there are lots of similar unsuitable women.)

  2. Dilkis
    Dilkis 1 year ago

    Que delicia de pareja, me encantaría poder hacer un trio con ustedes

  3. Mezirr
    Mezirr 1 year ago

    Hola te envié solicitud

  4. Fenrirr 1 year ago

    Hey Chica Agregame! platiquemos en el chat ;)

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